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Groundnut Chutney

Sunday, February 7, 2010

An easy to prepare dish which will add taste to your meals, snacks.I have posted some more chutney recipes like mint mango chutney,tomato chutney in my older posts.

Category Side dish
Region All of India
Also Called Several names (depending upon the region)
Descriptive English Name Groundnut chutney
Served Hot parthas, snacks & a side dish with main course
Cooking Time 5-6 Min


• ½ Cup Roasted groundnuts
• 2-3 Garlic pieces
• 4-5 green chili
• 175 -200 gms Coriander with tender stems
• Salt to taste
• ½ Tbsp Red chili powder


Wash Coriander in fresh water. Blend all ingredients together and make sure you do not blend very fine. Coarse groundnuts will give a very good taste.

Smart tips

You can make chutney once in three days & store it air tight container in your refrigerator.

Bagh Print –Originates from Heart Of India Madhya Pradesh.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bagh, which lends its name to the Bagh prints is a small tribal town in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. The khatri community, who comprise the 'chhipas' or printers came here about 400 years ago from Larkana is Sind which is famous for its Ajrak prints. These are created by a community of printers called 'Chheepa' derived from the Hindi word "chhapna" meaning printing. A wide range of products are now available made from Bagh printed fabric - be it ladies suits, saris, dress material, dupatta, bed-covers, pillow covers etc. one can find all. Bagh prints have unique hand block printing, printed using vegetable dyes.

Traditionally, fabric used was cotton, but now saw tassar, crepe, and silk are being used with excellent results. Bagh layouts are dramatic with use of black and red alternately on a white background. Production process is painstaking and manual.
dyers of Bagh have perfected the ancient technique of hand block printing with vegetable dyes unique to this place. Bagh prints are today exported in large quantities. The designs are exclusive to Bagh & so are the vegetable dyes. These dyes are superior to chemical dyes in every respect. They leave no harmful effects. They are biodegradable & eco-friendly. And, they improve with each wash in shine & color.

Bagh Print in cotton fabric is one my all time favorite.