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Queen Victoria Market – Largest Open Air Market in Southern Hemisphere

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Queen Victoria Market is an historic Melbourne landmark and a Melbourne institution dating back to more than 130 years ago and is said to be the largest open air market in southern hemisphere. This market is spread in 7 hectares.
Officially opened in March 1878 as the Queen Victoria Market, it had operated even before that time as a motley market of goods and produce. It is one of the major Melbourne’s tourist destinations. Queen Victoria market turns in into Modern Arabic Night Bazaar which offers a more relaxed and a leisurely family day on Sunday’s.

The Market is probably best known for its huge variety of fresh produce. Almost 50% of the Market area is dedicated to the sale of fresh produce, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, chicken, seafood and delicatessen products. Almost one thousand traders sell everything from exotic Australian fruit and vegetables and local and imported gourmet foods, meat, fish and poultry to hardware, Manchester, clothing and authentic Australian artifacts and souvenirs.
From farm fresh to clothes, shoes, electronics, toys, jewelry, kitchen, pets care every thing one can find in Victoria Market and at very reasonable prices.

Aside from the variety of wares offered at the Queen Victoria Market, buskers and street entertainment is a market feature, particularly on Sundays when Queen St is closed and becomes a place of cafes, carnival rides and other activities. There is also a food court caters to every visitors taste. The best feature of Queen Victoria Market is that it’s not lost its tradition and also but has adopted the modern features also.
Ah!! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday this market offers are wide variety of wines for wine lovers. You can buy wine in bottles or in bulk,later bring back your bottles for refilling. It's good for the environment and good for your budget. Queen Victoria market offers the widest range of organic produce available in Melbourne.

In 2003, the roofs of the market was equipped with 1,328 solar photovoltaic panels, covering 2000 square meters and generating 252,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year, the largest such renewable energy installation in the City of Melbourne. The grid has been considered as the largest urban grid-connected solar photovoltaic installation in the Southern Hemisphere upon completion

It is very much centrally located, and within walking distance from either the Elizabeth St exit of Melbourne Central Railway Station or Flagstaff Station on the corner of Latrobe and William Sts. No visit to Melbourne is complete without visiting Queen Victoria Market. Enjoy some pictures of Queen Victoria Market along with this post.


Parv Kaushik said...

feel like going thr!!!

Ravi Matah said...

A very well written post Meghna. The text as well as the pictures are good, informative and communicative. On reading this post, one gets a feeling that he has taken a tour of the Queen Victoria Market.
The market, spread over six hectares will indeed take a lot of time to cover and for a newcomer to the place it would be difficult to find out what is available where.The new information your article gives is that empty beer bottles are refilled there. In India the empty beer bottles are taken away by the 'kabari' (the trash buyer) and in Seattle they are thrown in trash recycle cans.
You might like this one -
All the best for your future endeavours.

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Juhi said...

This looks like a very interesting place.....I just love shopping in open air markets......another such market is chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, it is the world's biggest weekend market....i guess anything u can imagine(n many more thing which can never imagine) is sold there...