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Influential Bahu (Daughter In Laws) and Betis (Daughters) of India

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

India is a society where the male is greatly revere. Women in Indian society are considered to be kitchen bee who is suppose to cook food do household chores. On the other hand the same Indian society women are believed to be the incarnation of Shakti.Historicial evidences illustrate that women power ruled the society and they even destroyed mighty rulers and powerful kingdoms.In Hindi language daughter is known as 'Beti' and daughter-in-law is known as 'Bahu'. Here in this post I would like show my gratitude to the most influential Bahu’s and Betis which hold offices in the domain of politics or government, others wield it the boardroom.

Sonia Gandhi (Bahu) – An influential lady of the Indian politics, named the third most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine in the year 2004 and was ranked 6th in 2007.
She was also named among the Time 100 most influential people in the world for the years 2007 and 2008.She is the daughter in law of former prime minister Indra Gandhi and widow of former Prime Minister, of India Rajiv Gandhi.She was born in small a village of Italy. Sonia Gandhi was not, however, fond of the public life politics brought with it. Sonia Gandhi had a close relationship with her mother- in –law and she was a kind of personal assistant to the prime minister and traveled with her as she conducted the country's business. After the death of Rajiv’s brother Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv became the political successor of his mother Indra Gandhi.
Sonia Gandhi wholeheartedly adopted her husband's homeland. She learned to speak some Hindi and cook Indian food, becoming a naturalized citizen in 1983. Once her husband entered politics, Sonia Gandhi began wearing traditional saris and stepped up her role as a traditional Indian wife. In 1991 her husband was killed by suicide bomber in an election campaign Sonia always hated politics and never wanted her husband to enter politics. Within days of her husband's death, Sonia Gandhi was asked to take his place as leader of the Congress Party. She refused. But year later in 1997 Sonia announced her intentions of campaigning for Congress party and in a very short time she became the political star of the country. Opposition leaders continued to chide Sonia Gandhi for her foreign - born status. Sonia Gandhi was such an anomaly that people flocked to see the Italian woman wearing an Indian sari who spoke Hindi with a foreign accent. In 2004, Hundreds of millions of voters had chosen her, however, despite her birth status. She refused to Prime minster post in spite of congress victory. Though she turned down the post of prime minister, Sonia Gandhi remained president of the Congress Party. An Italian born Bahu (Daughter-in-law) of Indra Gandhi has definitely made a mark in Indian politics.

Ekta Kapoor (Beti) –Daughter Of famous actor Jeetandra and Shobha Kapoor is well know personality in Indian teleivison.Ekta is the creative director of Balaji telefilms.Her first TV show Hum Paanch was a hit on television but the turning point in her career was a TV show ‘Kyunki Saas Bhee Khabee Bahu thi ‘ and from then there has been no looking back in her career.She is also known as the Queen of Television industry. She has undoubtedly influenced the Indian television industry.

Indra Gandhi (Beti )- India ‘s first and to date only female prime minster ,daughter of Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru. The dynamic personality of Indra Gandhi has left imprints on the minds of every Indian. It was the Indra era in India when India saw 1971 War with Pakistan,nuclear weapon program was started,Green revolution and emergency was imposed in India in her era.
Indra Gandhi completed her education in University of Oxford and in this stay at Europe and UK Indra met a young parsi man Feroz Gandhi.After returning to India Feroz and Indra got married.In 1942 Indra Gandhi played an active role in Quit India movement.In 1965 she was appointed as the fifth Prime Minster of India.It was in 1977 when Indra Gandhi lost the election but again in 1980 she led congress to victory and once again became the prime minster of India.She continued to hold this position till her assassination in 1984.
This daughter of India will be remembered till centuries.

Sania Miraz (Beti)- This young, gorgeous, beautiful daughter of India has brought India pride in field of sports. This young tennis player born in 1986,and was awarded Padma Shri in 2006,India fourth highest honor, for her achievements in Tennis.
Sania is the daughter of sports journalist Imran Mirza and mother Nasima.
She has been brought up in religious Muslim Family.She made her debut in 2003 in India Fed Cup Team and from then there has been no looking back in her Tennis career.

Priyanka Vadra(Beti) – The graceful Priyanka is the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.She is the grand-daughter of Nehru- Gandhi family. Her ambiguous role in politics has been remarkable. She has been campaigning for Congress party but have been saying that she has little interest in politics. She is good organizer and is the chief political advisor of her mother Sonia Gandhi, who is the Congress President.
Priyanka is married to Robert Vadra whom she met at Ottavio Quattrocchi's house.Priyanka and Robert Vadra are blessed with two children.Priyanka’s appearance in political campaigns has brought a new era for Congress Party in India.She pulls the crowd with grace and with her highly organized attitude.
People of India love this beti of India very much.

Ashiwarya Rai (Beti) – Born in 1973,this beauty of India has brought fame and glory to India in the area of Beauty and brain.She won the Miss World tittle in 1994,later she moved to acting career.And her acting career has also reached to heights of glory in India as well as abroad. Ashiwarya has been a very popular famous face of Indian cinema globally.She is married to Abhishekh Bachchan the son of Superstar Amitabh Bachachan.She is balancing her family and career so well that in coming year she would become one of the most influential Bahu.

Sushimta Sen (Beti) – Sushmita the first Indian woman to be crowned Miss Universe in 1994.Born in Hindu Bengali family,she is the daughter of Shubeer Sen former Indian Air Force Wing Commander and
mother Subhra Sen.After winning the beauty crown of Miss Universe,Sushimta made her appearance in Bollywoood thorugh film Dastak.Apart from film and fashion industry Sushmita has been a Indian Ambassador in the world.She has devoted herself to many social causes.

The list of Influentail Bahu's and Betis of India is not so small,would write about some more my coming posts.


Pranav said...

Humm.. I could not resist my self by watching some ones picturer, the third personality which u have mentioned in the same does not suit in the same category at all she was a good daughter, and she was a strong leader too but .......

Meghana said...

Thanks Pranv for your comments! But I am not clear as to what you want to say,please elaborate may we can discuss our view points.