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Some tips for becoming a ' Smart Household Manager'

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Women have multiple roles to play in life, specially when a woman gets married and she also has a career. As and when you move ahead in life your roles and responsibility in career as well as family keeps on increasing. This is the time when a woman needs to become a 'Smart household Manager '.Also mums who are at home are busy in managing the lives of everyone at home; that no easy task. From my personal experience I would like to share few tips to become a Smart household manager. Some of my suggestion would hold true in Indian context only.

• The biggest mistake that stay-at-home moms make is not creating a schedule for the home. This means a schedule of activities for the kids that are home with you as well as a schedule for when you're going to get things done. Having no structure makes you put everything off until the last minute which creates stress. So sit down and make an actual schedule of what activities are going to happen when in your home on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. (Daily means knowing when everyone eats lunch, has nap time, play outside. Weekly is the days that you do laundry, run errands, attend play groups. Monthly is paying bills, planning holidays, etc.)

• Give responsibility to everyone else in the house. Just because you're the stay at home mom doesn't mean that you need to do it all yourself. Your kids should have chores because it helps build a sense of responsibility and the skills that they'll need to be adults. Do give some responsibilities to your spouse also.

• Try and save time from some of the activities in the house and take help from maids. Mainly on those work which are monotonous i.e. cleaning the house, dishes etc. You can use this saved time with your kids or in your personal grooming.

• If you are working then don't not hesitate to invest some amount of your salary in employing maids. Always remember that you by investing a small amount of money in getting HELP you can ensure a smooth and a stress free working of your house.

• In kitchen try and avoid investing time in chopping vegetables or making dough, cleaning kitchen table take HELP in this work and invest this time in making delicious and variety food for your family.

• Plan the menu of the week on weekends so that you can arrange , buy all groceries accordingly. That will save your time in last minute rush and give you a peace when your are at your work place

• Ironing clothes, daily cleaning, laundry are such activities that can be outsourced to a maid. But remember to be a Smart Manger and keep your eyes and ears open.

• If you have a bigger family, then you should take help in making chapattis or roti. This work once explained to the maid can be taken care. Only it requires your timely supervision.

Do not try to be a perfectionist in your daily household work.

• Last but not the least, remember every woman has a right to look beautiful so don't not forget to devote some time in your personal care.

To effectively manage your home, you just need some basic organizational skills and the willingness to give yourself the credit you deserve. Take your role as home manager seriously and it'll run more smoothly, letting you enjoy it more. And everything will still get done!


BK Chowla, said...

Running a household is as difficult as managing a business as both need time management skills.
That is why I always maintain that ladies will make better managers in whatever discipline.

John Papers said...

Thanks this post..
keep writing your blog will be more attractive. To Your Success!

hindu blog said...

It's Brilliant post and also image. I liked it.