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Raksha Bandhan - A Hindu festival Of Social Importance

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by Hindus every year on 'Shravan Purnima' (Full Moon Day of the Hindu month of Shravan), which generally falls in the month of August. A festival to celebrate the bond between a brother and a sister. Hindu religion considers attaches a lot of purity for the relationship of brother and sister. This pious relationship is celebrated in a special manner on the day of Raksha Bandhan. The literal meaning of 'Raksha-Bandhan' is 'the bond of protection. A sister ties a decorative thread called 'Rakhi' on the wrists of her brother symbolizing her love and affection for her brother. This thread, which pulsates with sisterly love and sublime sentiments, is rightly called the ‘Rakhi’. The brother in return vows to protect his sister during all times and also buys his sister attractive gifts.

One of the tales associated with this festival is related from the great Hindu epic Mahabharata. Draupdai the wife of Pandavs had tied the a strip of silk off her sari and tied it around Krishna's wrist to stop the flow of blood Krishna was so touched by her action that he found himself bound to her by love. Krishna repaid the debt of love during Vastra haran of Draupadi. Draupadi's Vastra Haran was done in the assembly of King Dritrashtra, when Yudhishthir her husband lost her in gamble. At that time Krishna provided her with sari (extender her sari) to save her pride. This is how he paid his debt towards Rakhi tied to him by Draupadi. There are many other such tales associated with this festival of Raksha Bandhan.

This festival attaches a lot of social importance in Hindu religion. This festival conveying the love a sister has for her brother and vice versa, the occasion spreads the message of harmonious family ties. At the same time, all responsible individuals should strive to nurture brotherly and sisterly feelings towards each other and live in harmonious coexistence with each other. Not only this festival is celebrated between brother and sister of blood relation but also among the extended family of cousins, friends. In today modern busy world this is the day when far off brother and sister remember each other by sending this holy thread through courier, internet etc.

This year Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 5th August. Check out for some beautiful Raksha Bandhan cards.


Juhi said...

Another well written post....thanks a lot Meghana for mentioning about my cards :) ......I don't remember the last time when I actually tied a rakhi to any of my cousins......usually send them through post....

Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...

well written indeed! ur blog does a good job at highlighting indian traditions and customs

Meghana said...

Thanks Juhi and Subhayan for ur words of appreciation!

Thats right through my blogs I want to spread Indian traditions and customs across the globe.Many of my fellow blogger's are also doing through their blogs.

Amaresh said...

it's the bond of brother and sister ..

good one meghana

avagdro said...

Yeah that's true indeed.A bond of brotherhood.Thanks Meghana for sharing all about Raksha Bandhan.Wish you a Happy Rakhi festival ahead.

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Shobhit said...

Very well written. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll make sure to read your views from now too. :)

Keep writing more.