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Recognize your Inferiority complex Causes...Signs & Ways to Overcome

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

In our day to day life we come across many friends, people who suffer from Inferiority complex. But actually they are not themselves aware that they suffer from this acute problem. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme schizotypal behavior, or both. Inferiority complex can also be termed as low self esteem. An inferiority complex, in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, is a feeling that one is inferior to others in some way. Those with low self esteem are more likely to be depressed, irritable, or aggressive. They may also be more likely to have feelings of resentment, alienation, and unhappiness. Some reasons for this problem are:

Family - The upbringing of the child plays a vital role in shaping his future. Sometimes parents unknowingly pass negative remarks on their child by calling them stupid, idot, fool. Also many a time’s parents end up comparing their own children. This family behavior leads to a slow nurturing of Inferiority complex in the delicate mind of the child.
Surroundings- Being called names like lazy or stupid by teachers and peers. Not being a skilled player in the popular sport of your school might be a reason.
Physical disabilities –Sometimes disproportional facial and body features also causes Inferiority complex.
Social Causes – Race, economic status, religion, skin colour, and family might also lead to inferiority complex.

Signs of Inferiority Complex

• People who feel inferior “know” they have shortcomings; they do not like other people to point this out. They tend to perceive any form of criticism, regardless of how sensitively or constructively it is presented, as a personal attack. They are extremely sensitive to criticism.
• Some people are extremely desperate to hear good things about themselves. But some people refuse to hear any positive or flattering things about themselves because it is inconsistent with their own feelings.
• People who suffer from this complex often have the tendency to blame others to lessen their feeling of being inferior.
• Such kinds of people avoid social gatherings and if they are forced then they would avoid speaking thinking that they would end up showing their stupidity and dullness.
• These people are extremely scared of failures. So they avoid any participating in any competition or contest because as per their mindset they are suppose to come first or else they will end up showing their weakness to the world.
• People who do not feel good about themselves have trouble feeling good about anyone else

Ways to Overcome Inferiority Complex

Attempts at achieving and becoming superior will, no doubt, are of great benefit to your life, but it will only act as a fake crust to an already residing inferiority complex. Rather recognize your inferiority complex and work on it by changing your thoughts by changing your negative self talk, building confidence, try and build your corrupted self image & install new beliefs and also get rid of those labels of childhood like stupid, fool.


flo said...

You have hit the nail on the head with your post. I have seen these signs in a few of my acquaintances and at one instant in myself too :). I would say that first the person's perception of himself should change to be effective in the long term and you have summed it up beautifully.

take care :)

Meghana said...

Thanks Flo.

Actually while writing this post I had some of my friends,family members in mind who actually suffer from Inferiority Complex and they are not aware of it.I feel instead of escaping from the truth better work & get rid of this complex.

Shankar said...

Nice article.. have you felt this effect meghana..when we are about the symptoms of some diseases... one question arises in our mind..DO we have those symptoms? are we suffering from such a disease? I felt the same way when I read this article... you should have specified while overcoming complex the first step is to accpet by mind that you are inferior.then we have to take the remedies. without acceptance we cannot search for remedies..and that wont work too...visit my blog too..

Meghana said...

Hi Shankar,
Thanks a lots for your kind words.

No I have never felt this effect but ya have found this effect on some of my very near & dear ones.

As I mentioned it is often subconscious.But true you have to accept it.Generally,your close friends & relatives come to know that one is suffering from inferiority complex.They can help you in a better way to overcome this complex by increasing your morale & confidence.

And if one recognizes that one is suffering from inferiority complex then as i suggested some ways to overcome it or may one can visit a counselor.

One of another post How to feel beautiful? also highlights some of the points which can help one to overcome this complex

flo said...

Yeah..Acceptance is very important to work on it. People either don't recognize the symptoms or try to do as the ostrich does,close their eyes and they feel others can't see them. And btw I like your blog and the thought provoking posts Meghana :)

sm said...

good thought provoking article.

Juhi said...

I have found these symptoms in many people I know and in me too!! I guess the best way to overcome an inferiority complex would be to first acknowledge it and then take constructive steps to overcome it......but I guess its easier said than done!!

Meghana said...

True Juhi!Its very difficult to accept the truth.

Meghana said...

Thanks Flo for your encouraging words for my blogs!

Its true Flo,until you accept nothing can be cured.But if we come to know any of our friend or family member is having this complex we should help him to overcome it.Also some people hesitate in visiting a counselor fearing the world might think they are insane, specially in India.So they end up carrying these problem for ever in their personalities.

Shankar said...

hey..i ave tagged you in my atest post..please check out my blog..and tag me back..

Shankar said...

hey..I have tagged you in my latest post..please check out my blog..