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Superiority Complex – A Personality Disorder

Thursday, July 23, 2009

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In our day to day life as we meet people suffering from Inferiority complex, same there are some of our friends, relatives, colleagues who suffer from superiority complex ‘having a very high opinion of oneself ‘.This is another type of subconscious personality disorder. These poor uplifted souls cannot control their own boasting, tendency to discredit others opinions, intentionally drawing attention of others. You should not mix superiority complex with confidence; some people have developed feelings of confidence in a certain field due to their real strength in it. You may feel very confident about public speaking, for example, if you’ve been practicing it for years; it doesn’t mean you feel superior on account of inner inferiority, it just means that you know and are confident that you’re good at it. Studies have suggested that almost every species having at least one case of Superiority Complex.

The problem with superiority complex is that it’s usually a direct result of an underlying inferiority complex; the subject is suffering from feelings of inferiority and thus compensates those feelings by acting superior. The problem with superiority complex is that although the person is one hundred percent sure he is inferior in some way, he still acts arrogantly. He may refuse to see a doctor for example as he feels superior to the doctor and will thus never get a proper treatment.

Many Presidents, priests, celebrities and distinguished scientists sometimes suffer from Superiority Complex.


Juhi said...

Boasting about his/her achievements is one of the worst things that a person can do, it underlines a strong inferiority complex......

Meghana said...

You are right Juhi!Achievers never get unnoticed so boasting only shows your inferiority complex.

Shankar said...

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Shankar said...

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