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Balika Vadhu -Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Balika Vadhu is TV show currently being broadcast on Colors TV in India.It is based on the set in rural Rajasthan,narrates a story of a child bride or Balika Vadhu ‘Anandi', having being married at a tender age of eight years with an equally young Jagdish. After her marriage the ‘Balika Vadhu’ enters a new alienating and confusing world. She is taken away from a life where she should be enjoying her childhood to that of a bride in a family of strangers. Here she has to act like a daughter in law, a wife, a lover and a friend.

A very sensitively portrays the plight of children who are unwittingly forced into marriage, in the name of tradition, and have to bear the repercussions for the rest of their lives. Traces the arduous journey of child bride Anandi from the brink of childhood to womanhood. Balika Vadhu, a serial based on social evils like child-marriage has emerged as one of the biggest winners on small screen. It’s realistic as well as sincere effort in materializing out this unexplored facade of our society. This serial is not aimed to eradicate the very practice by condemning and criticizing it, instead the intent was for the people to see the consequences of it. In Rajasthan, where child marriage still occurs, the audience gets to see the results in a very justified and clear manner.

Balika Vadhu makes you think and gives you plenty and plenty of reasons to bring about a much needed change in the Indian society.


Juhi said...

this one is my mother-in-law's favorite......actually it is quite interesting.......the way child marriage has been portrayed is quite refreshing...