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Polka Dots

Monday, June 29, 2009

Polka Dots which are loved across the world. Though ancient, the world definitely went "dotty" back in the 50s and 60s for polka dots. Now they are back really big (or small). Have we ever wondered where the name for these dramatic dots came from? It is believed that it came from the Polish polka dance. They were a big hit and a common pattern on clothing in mid to late 19th century at the same time polka music and the dance were invented. Dots and the dance became all the rage and, consequently, we have the name, Polka, coming from the Polish word "pulka," meaning half-step, as in the dance. Polka dot is a pattern consisting of a series of dots that are equally spaced and sized. The 50s and 60s people, and designers, took these wonderful dots to heart.

The 'liberated' clothes of the West had been a part of India's teenagers for years but Hindi film"Bobby" elevated the definitions of style bringing middle class hip ness to a new level making youthful sexiness and rebellious looks daringly acceptable. Dimple Kapadia's character, the film's heroine Bobby with her short chintz minis, checks, polka-dots, and flowing scarves all created fads that swept the nation in the era of 70's. In India Polka Dots are even know as Bobby Dots. The lovely Zeenat in film Qurabani with polka-dotted two-piece with a prominently plunging neckline, till bold and beautiful Kareen Kapoor Polka Dots have been loved by all beauties of Bollywood.

Polka Dots commonly seen on Children clothing, toys, furniture, Kitchenware, bathing suits. Occasionally white on black regularly spaced polka dots appear on more formal clothing.


Parv Kaushik said...

its a very interesting blog u have!! i loved the simplicity of the design and the look and feel of it!

commented on your first post too!

cool blog.. very informative!

Juhi said...

another nice post Meghana, I often wonder how you think of such interesting topics to write about.

Meghana said...

Thanks a lots Juhi:)

Just pick topics from day to day life.