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Give Yourself A Kool Image With Clogs

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holland is a country with a rich historical and traditional heritage. The Dutch themselves are very traditional people. Holland would not be Holland without the famous tulips, windmills, cheese and wooden shoes. Wooden clogs are considered by many as a form of Dutch traditional dress. Many think that all Dutch people wear clogs, which is why Dutch are sometimes called ‘cloggies’. But that's not right! Only a "few" people in Holland wear wooden shoes, about 5000, maybe more, maybe less, so only a small part of the population. And almost all the people wearing wooden shoes are farmers or people in a nursery. In Dutch, clogs are known as klompen. Dutch wooden shoes are famous all over the world and wearing them will make you stand out from any crowd! The Dutch have been wearing them for over 700 years and millions of farmers, children, artisans, working people and gardeners still wear them every day, keeping up a beautiful tradition!
Clog means a type of shoe or sandal made predominantly out of wood. Nowadays, "clogs" also means comfortable slip-on shoes. They are associated with the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden (though Swedish clogs do not resemble Dutch clogs)

Some features of wooden shoes are:
• Cheap footwear.
• Wooden shoes are easy to clean.
• Wooden shoes are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
• Wooden shoes are safe; they protect the entire foot, not just the toes.
• Wooden shoes keep your feet dry, for instance when you're gardening. The wood absorbs perspiration and your feet are always surrounded by fresh air inside the wooden shoes. That's why wooden shoes are worn by thousands of construction workers, farmers, fishermen, road workers, factory workers and artisans all around the world.
• There are also a lot of people who wear wooden shoes because you can get in and out of them easily without wasting a lot of time.
• The orthopedic form wooden shoes support your feet.
• They make an excellent gift or souvenir and they are great for garden and home decoration!
• You can even decorate your garden and home with these fascinating clogs.
• Due to them being made of solid wood, Dutch clogs have been given rating which passed the EU CE standards with flying colors.


SiD said...

quite an interesting idea, Dipu will be pleased with the clog thing...thanks...

Your blog is interesting...

Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...

wow ... that was interesting, came here from indiblogger

Juhi said...

hey, interesting and informative post.....have you tried clogs?

Meghana said...

Hi Juhi,

I have not tried Clogs myself.But ya I have seen the workshop of it during my stay at Netherlands.Also I have seen many farmers wearing it at the countryside there.

Shankar said...

hey thanx for ur valuble comment... keep visiting my blog often... ur blog is great..and informative...

Roshmi (Musings of an Unknown Indian) said...

Interesting and informative!

..... This makes me want my own pair of "clogs" :)

sm said...

very interesitng and bindi post also very interesting .