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30 Things That Make You Happy…

Friday, May 15, 2009

1) Feeling Healthy
2) A good book………
3) Looking beautiful…
4) Cuddle & giggle of a child
5) Having your husband as your BEST FRIEND
6) A TAX return.
7) A smell of a clean sheets or a new book.
8) Summer sunset
9 ) Knowing your friends really care for you.
10) My mother kissing me in my forehead.
11) An unexpected solution to a misunderstanding.
12) Turning the pages of your album
13) Having a husband that’s trusts me.
14) Smell of mud after the first monsoon shower.
15) Watching babies sleep
16) Cleaning the house
17) Missing office after a long hectic routine.
18) Watching your favorite television program at the end of day.
19) The warmth you feel when you have been to help someone with a problem.
20) Receiving card or a call from an old friend who you haven't had contact with for years, just as if it was yesterday.
21) Recalling memories of childhood holidays
22) Flowers blooming in my garden that I planted myself.
23) Receiving an unexpected compliment
24) Being with our family
25) A hug from someone you love
26) Hearing my dad say "I'm proud of you" and knowing that he means it
27) To see your child grow
28) Enjoying the warm sunlight in a chilling winter.
29) No spam in your email
30) Memories of the smell of my Mom’s cooking.


Juhi said...

love this one too....

Anonymous said...

Really liked this post of yours...especially these following points really made me feel happy!!
Smell of mud after the first monsoon shower...
Being with our family...
Memories of the smell of my Mom’s cooking...
smell of a clean sheets or a new book...

Thanks for mentioning these was somewhere there at the back of my memory but in todays hectic life just slips out of mind...

Shilpa Phadke said...

i agree with all !

deepali said...

awesome meghs!!!!very true...loved both of them
n hey tried ure reciepe of "dahiwale aaloo"
Thanks turend out reallwell

Anuradha said...

hey Meghana, goods reciepes and helpful imforamtion ........