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Mistakes are the best teachers....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Someone well said…

‘Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes’

A mistake is a decision or an action that we come to regret. Mistakes causes some degree of pain, loss, adds to bad memories to our book of life. What I have learnt from life that there is no mistake in life, rather it is a lesson of life. Mistakes are gifts of life, and these gifts of life offer you a chance to explore an area where you are deficient, you need additional knowledge or need to revaluate your approach.
Some of us refuse to accept that we have done something wrong. We end up blaming someone else or the system. We blame others, justify or make excuses.

By adopting the below approaches we can handle our relationships in a more sensitive manner.

Learn to accept full responsibility of your life, acts & yourself- Whatever circumstances, misunderstandings come across learn to take responsibility. There is always an opportunity to learn even if others were wrong. Remember when you take responsibility of yourself then you become responsible for making things right. Also you learn to make better choices, avoid problems & misunderstandings in future.

Take mistakes as life’s lesson – We all are humans & we will do something which we will regret. Be open to making mistakes & taking them as life’s lesson. If you don't learn the lesson, then the mistake will repeat itself again and again in different situations.

Be proactive – Your proactive behavior can help you to avoid unnecessary blunders and help in seeking ways of improvement. Always view mistake as a useful stepping stone to higher reality & a better outlook of life.

Don’t try to be a perfectionist- There is no harm in making mistakes; it is an essential part of going forward. If you go through life afraid to make a mistake, you’ll spend most of your life doing absolutely nothing.

Apologize -If you’ve made mistakes that harm other people, it is important to offer a dignified apology. Be clear that it was an unfortunate incident that will not be repeated. A good apology can go along way to restoring trust. Do not waste time in justifying yourself.


Juhi said...

Hi Meghana, I have awarded a kinship award to you, please visit my blog for more details, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving those lovely comments.....

Martha said...

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. Like what you wrote and especially the one about being a perfectionist. I will keep that advise in mind, because it is so true.
Have a nice day!!

Mugs said...

Meghana, this was a nice post...and i have become such a big fan of your posts that now i am a member of this family too!!:-)

Sumita said...

Good one Meghana! Seems u really have learnt quite a lot. One approach that I would like to add....once the episode is over.... remember the learning and forget the incident.... Mast Raho!

Muna Syahirah said...

Can I share this post with my friend in fb?

Meghana said...

Yes Muna! you can share the link of my blog on your FB .