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How to build Trust……

Sunday, May 17, 2009

To begin with I would like to recollect these beautiful lines…

“On the day we can fully trust each other; there will be peace on Earth.”

Trust is reliance on others; trust is the confidence, faith and the foundation of any relationship. Trust is a fragile thing in any relationship. Some tips which can help to build trust in any relationship.

Don’t be secretive –Try and be open & honest in any relationships.Always remember there is nothing like a secret. It will be revealed one day. Sometimes, a suspicious behavior might destroy trust. Be a open book.

Never judge trust in your relationship when you are angry – Sometimes anger can overpower your trust. In anger people tend to jump to and act on conclusions and some of those conclusions can be very inaccurate.

Communication – Always remember that your communication along with body language makes you more reliable, clear & honest. Precisely, your words should match your body language.

Follow your words – Try & do what you say. Sometimes small things can destroy trust. A small example is you tell your partner/friend/family member that you will be home by 8:00pm.If you are going to be late, call and let him or her know ahead of time. Try & make realistic promises which you can fulfill.

Always trust yourself –A person who has trust in himself, can build trust in others also.

Remember…it takes years……... to build trust…but milliseconds to destroy it…


Juhi said...

This is soo is very important in any relationship