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I miss those days of…

Thursday, May 28, 2009

• I miss those days of cycling from school to home with my friends
• I miss those day of catching butterflies & keeping it in my books
• I miss those days of playing hide & seek
• I miss those days of reading fairy tales,Nandan and Chandamama.
• I miss those days of watching Vikram & Betal on Saturday & Sigma on Sunday morning.
• I miss those days of Doordarshan.
• I miss those days of fighting with my sister for not cleaning our room.
• I miss those day of getting tired & sleeping on my books while doing homework
• I miss those days of my dreaming that one day I will grow up & will buy a sari for my mother from my money
• I miss those days of asking for pocket expense from my father.
• I miss those days of excitement for teachers day celebration in my school
• I miss the zero period of my school
• I miss the picnics of my school & family.
• I miss my new dress of my birthday given by my parents.
• I miss those days of getting scared from my school teachers.
• I miss my school lunch break where we use to share food together.
• I miss the first monsoon shower where I jumped & splashed water to my content.
• I miss those bedtime stories of my mother.
• I miss those trips to my cousin’s place during summer vacations.
• I miss my fights with my grandmother.

I miss those beautiful Childhood days………….with zero responsibility & infinite innocence!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, sounds little nostalgic but yet true..... keep publishing such nice blogs...

Sumita said...

Good one...! That's why they say...never let the child in u become mature.... childhood indeed is the golden period of life.

Anonymous said...

very true ..those are the golden years one can never forget !!

Smita said...

God! This seems to be the childhood of every Indian kid in the 80's and early 90's, I think! Very well recollected points! Like your cute blog, Meghana.

Juhi said...

Another great post.....the first point made me sooooooooooo nostalgic........"I miss those day of getting tired & sleeping on my books while doing homework" n this one too.......

Guha Rajan said...

Brings back Nostalgic moments of life....Interesting thoughts...

Anonymous said... is very much the childhood of every Indian child...our life was so simple malls, no huge amusement parks, no playstations, no Mc Donalds and no Pizza Huts....we were happy with Jungle Book, Vikram Betal and Disney Time...had good piping hot mummy's home cooked food and every evening played chupan chupai and pakdan pakdai with colony friends. Those cozy afternoons after lunch watching those old hindi movies in Doordarshan cannot be just washed away from our memories...:-(

Ravi Matah said...

Hi Meghna, Very aptly written.The childhood memories never fade. And it dosen't matter how old a person becomes, he/she should have a childlike behaviour/attitude within himself and that makes life ticking.
‘yeh daulat bhi le lo, yeh shohrat bhi le lo,
bhale chheen lo mujh se meri jawani,
magar mujh ko lauta do bachpann ka sawan,
woh kagaz ki kashti, woh baarish ka pani’.
Some similar feelings I had posted in Vancouver's newspaper -
Hope u like it.
God bless.