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Journey from woman to motherhood

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Somewhere I read a ...'A woman is not complete till she attains motherhood ' I feel that its very much true..

My journey towards motherhood started from from the first month of 2008.A new a new year.When I first heard the little tingling sound of a tinny heart within me,my heart & soul was filled with millions of emotions & expectations.

All of a sudden my life style started changing in many ways.My GP told me that your first three months are going to give you the most memorable experience of your life.At that time I felt that my GP is trying to be little sarcastic but now I can certainly say she was sarcastic & true. In the first three months the most rocking activity which I have gone through was nothing but throwing up (vomiting & nausea) myself 30 times a day.No medicines... no home remedies..nothing worked...only my will power kept me going through this high tides.I counted each day,each night till end the third month dreaming that this ordeal will end after three months but like all other dreams it was false.For me this ordeal was destined to stay for 9 months.

The second tri-semester started....with some complex medical examination i.e triple marker ,malformation scan etc....we use to wait with extreme eagerness for the report.By god's grace all reports were fine & the baby was doing well.This was relatively a better phase in my pregnancy.All I can say is I ate well,slept well & attained weight.

Now comes the climax period (The Third tri-semester).During this phase I kept on adding weight & an anxiety that now I will get to touch my cutu pie very soon.But ya!time was tough, moving around and going to office was a challenge.Above all the basics challenges like finding my way through IIT Powai Traffic Jam during monsoon climbing a Everest look alike ramp of Office building. At the start of eighth month gradually a weird thing started.Gradually,I started loosing my sleeps during nights.I use to greed for a atleast a nap during day.But had No luck!

At the starting of nine month we went for a final check up.Looking at my condition GP suggested us that a normal delivery is a remote possibility hence it would be better if we opt for a voluntary c-section procedure.Since this was my first child & I was ready to take ANY chances,hence we gave our accord for C- section and fixed a suitable date.

D-day :Finally,I was ready with all my baby supplies packed everything & left for the medical centre that night.I got up early next morning (thanks goes to nurses & mid wives) as I was my procedure was scheduled at 8.30 am in the morning.After some basic preparations & morning routine I was finally taken to the OT.After that whatever happened is not that clear in my memory.Finally,I woke up after mid day & saw my little cute pie wrapped in dark green cloth lying on the baby cradle beside my cot.

That was the most beautiful sight of my life.....

Finally,I was there a woman from last so many years had become a mother....


Shilpa Phadke said...

hi meghana, yes , have seen you thru all this, but i think the trouble was worth it !!

Parv Kaushik said...

it was such a true nsight my sis also went thru c-section so it was a fun and hearting to read your ordeal... the tri-semester thing really had me rolling on the floor!

keep blogging!!