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Baby massage

Sunday, May 10, 2009

After my baby's birth the biggest challenge came was "baby Care". As every mother I always wanted to do the best for him. Baby massage is one of the important aspects in child care. So here I would like to share my experience with baby massage. Once we came back from the medical center, from the very first day I started massage for my baby.

Baby massage is an ancient practice & is still followed across the world.A good massage soothes the baby,increases blood circulation,helps him to sleep better and gain more weight . It helps muscular development. It also helps in parents child bonding.Talking and smiling to him while massaging keeps a child happy, making the baby more secure and robust.

Initially,I started the massage with medicated oils which are available specially for babies.Although coconut oil,olive oil is also suggested.But since it was a start I started with a very light massage oil.After massage I usually give my baby a Luke warm water bath.Definitely,I can say with confidence that it helped my baby to gain weight & also it gave a very good sleep.In less than 8 days my baby started enjoying the massage.Massage time is a time when I leave all my things aside & spend quality time with my baby...we play..we sing ..we talk....its lots of fun...

My baby is prone to skin ezcema so his skin needs to be mositurzed always.From seventh month I tried olive oil for massage.It did wonders for my baby's skin.In three days his skin became smooth & soft.Here are some tips I would like to share for baby massage..

  • It is a good practice to keep all things you ready before you start rubbing the oil on the baby's body. This includes, the baby massage oil , tissues.
  • Baby's skin is very soft and bracelet, rings and long nails might hurt your child accidentally. So keep your fingernails short and keep aside the jewellery pieces you wear on hands when you are massaging the baby.
  • If the weather is cold, turn up the heat enough to keep the baby warm.
  • Spread a changing mat or a soft towel on a flat surface and undress the baby.
  • Rub only about half-a-teaspoon of oil at a time on your palms so they glide easily on the baby's body. You can apply more oil later as needed.
  • Make sure that your palms are warm.
  • Use smooth, gentle but firm strokes with your palm or fingers. Light circular movements on chest and stomach, stroking across the shoulders, downward movement on the arms and legs and upward movements on the back are the best.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the baby's fragile body.
  • Keep the baby engaged while massaging him or her by talking or singing to the infant.This is how baby will start enjoying the massage time.
  • Eye contact with the baby ensures him or her of your undivided attention.
  • Sudden break in contact of your hands may cause alarm to the baby, take care to be gentle while stopping the massage.
  • Do not oil baby's palms or fingers as these little ones tend to put them in their mouths or eyes often and this may cause them irritation.
  • Do not massage the baby just before or after feeding, or when the baby is ill.
  • Do not wake the baby up for a massage.
  • Avoid rashes, wounds or areas where the baby has got his injections or vaccines as it may hurt.
  • Give a luke warm water bath to the baby after massage.
  • Massage the tiny fingers of the baby by gently pressing them between your forefinger and thumb.
  • Make sure that you rub very gently on baby’s elbow and knee joints.
  • Gently squeeze the muscles on baby's legs and arms but be sure that baby does not get hurt.
  • Keep one hand over other hand and use them like a paddle just below the belly button of the baby to relieve any gas pains and improve her digestion.
  • Don’t use baby oil on infant's face.
  • Babies less than four months old need only 10 minutes of massage while older babies can be given 20 minutes of massage depending on their development.
After a good massage & bath usually baby takes a long sleep,which makes baby fresh & playful.

In case you need any advise please free to write to me.I will try to help you in best possible way.


Shilpa Phadke said...

hey meghana, u have shared some very gud things over here, someday all this will be useful...!! thanks and yes, even u have ur own writing style, its enjoyable, keep writing !