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Time for Solid food for Baby

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My baby was 4 months old and it was time to introduce infant formula along with weaning food. I was lucky that my baby relished infant formula from the very first day. Some mothers start Infant formula from the very first day.

Along with infant formula it was time for weaning food. Initially my baby showed a lots reluctance in accepting weaning (i.e. rice, lentils, fruits etc) food. By fifth month my baby started accepting weaning food, although he did not relish it.

Sixth month was the time to introduce solids. By this time my baby had become familiar to food & fruits. I started giving him a fresh fruit in his breakfast. It is always better to give fruits with pulp for example mango, banana, rock melon, chiku etc. Generally, babies show reluctance to sour and citrus fruits. In lunch, I introduced lentil (cooked with two vegetables) & rice. To make it more interesting and nutritious I usually add one fourth table spoon of “desi ghee” for “tadka”, “haldi”, “3-4 jeera seeds” and a pinch of salt. Gradually my baby started relishing this meal. Although my baby eats very less but at least I am satisfied that he has started eating regular stuff.

Once my baby started accepting his breakfast & lunch, I introduced eveing snacks. Sometimes I offer “suji ka halwa”, “kheer” to my baby. All these are made using Infant formula.

Also as 4th meal of the day I introduced “farex” (i.e. solid baby food) in his dinner. In order to make farex more acceptable and tasty I usually server it with fresh fruits and with a table spoon of infant formula.

Along with the above said menu, I also offer milk (i.e. infant formula) to my baby at least 3 times in a day. It is not necessary that baby will drink the entire quality offered. It solely depends on baby’s appetite.

Here I would like to share some tips when you plan to introduce solids.

• Dal (Lentil) – rice or kichdi can be a good option for lunch. But make sure that it is properly cooked and mashed.
• For snacks you can serve suji (Semolina) or rava ka halwa (pudding). Fry 2tbs suji in ¼ spoon desi ghee when it turns to light brown add 1 bowl of water to it & let the water dry. Let it cool down. Then add 2tbs infant formula to it & serve it to baby.
• Fried food and Junk food is not recommended.
• Do not offer biscuits, as it only fills the stomach and does not provide
much nutritional value to the baby.
• Never leave your baby alone with food - babies can choke on food and drinks.
• Introduce foods one at a time wait a couple of days before introducing
another one so that you can isolate any adverse reactions and allergies.
• The food should be smooth, supple and runny.
• Never force your baby to eat.
• The spoon should be small, shallow and soft. Special weaning spoons can be
• Offer solids between milk feeds, when your baby is neither too hungry nor
too full.
• Hold your baby comfortably on your lap or sit her in her baby chair. It
would be better if both of you were protected against spills!
• Make sure all feeding utensils are sterilized or at least washed with hot
• To avoid food poisoning, throw away any uneaten food left over from her meal
and never reheat and use again.
• Always check food temperature to prevent burning her mouth. Your baby cannot
eat hot food
• Never add solids to your baby’s bottle
• Offer drinks of cool boiled water starting from 6 months of age.
• If you are massaging in morning then it always better to give breakfast at
least one hour before massage time


Anonymous said...

I have a five month old daughter Arya. I feed her almost every fruit -- grated peach, grated mango, grated cherries, grated grapes. Sometimes I mix it with infant formula. So my daughter is exposed to many tastes. Some of the new parents forget the power of Grating ...
Devendra Chhetri

Meghana said...

Hi Devendra,
Yes grating is very important before serving it to babies.

I have also been given almost all fruits to my son but mostly pulpy fruits. Initially, when he was reluctant to take some fruits i use to add infant formula and since infant formula is a staple diet for babies they immediately recognize the taste in the fruit.Also Infant formula makes the fruit more rich in nutrients.